Ketua Biro

1. Bureau: Special Education &
Cognitive Development

Head: Andrew Tan
Asst: Vicky Cha

Practicing professional ethical principle, we equip educator in special needsroutine handling and implementation of motor skills, social skills, self-help skills, educational and vocational rehabilitation developmental activities. We are specialist in cognitive development training to help special children for achieving better I.Q development and behavioral rectification.

2. Bureau: Aesthetic and
Head: Kosong
Asst: Cleo Hoo Chong Long

-Aesthetic Awareness Medical, -Aesthetician Training, -Aesthetic Pharmaceutical, -Modern Aesthetic Awareness Training,
-Cosmetology, -Cosmeceutical.

3. Bureau: Chinese Metaphysics &
Feng Shui Industry
Head: Loh Chong Peng
Asst: Steve Ng

Chinese Metaphysics, Chinese Architecture and Landform Studies, Destiny Analysis , Art of Business War, Forecasting system and strategic planing . In simple word Life Transformations.

4. Bureau: Corporate Leadership
Consultancy & Training
Head: Anaiss Ong Ai Ling

Corporate Leadership development, solutions for all level of organization, Certified Training Provider under HRDF, ICF- Accredited Coach Training Program, accredited by CCA.Soft Skill Training (Public & In-House Training)

Manufacturing & HSE Training, Certification Program, Teambuilding, Leadership & Management Skill
Program, Public Speaking, Effective, Communication & Presentation Skill, Business Management Consulting, Services.

5. Bureau: Early Childcare & Tuition
Head: Charis Khaw
Asst: Renu

Using training syllabus of kindergarten to secondary school, trained educators helps in developing Malaysia and international formal education (e.g UPSR, SPM, IGCSE and kindergarten daycare syllabus). Educators implement Social skills, Intellectual skills, Physical skills, Spiritual skills, Aesthetic values (Creativity and Appreciation) to improve their study. Personalized learning system from oneto- one, small grouping, classroom to online self-paced learning can be applied in day care, kindergarten, parental care, tuition class, private school, homeschool & etc.

6 Bureau: Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM )

Traditional Chinese Medicine include Herbals, Acupuncture, Tuina (massage), cupping, Scrapping, TCM Cosmotology,TCM Reflexology, TCM orthopedic.

7 Bureau: Health Care & Pain Care
Head: Law Su Peng
Asst: Lim Swee Kim

Providing professional courses and seminars in healthcare and pain care emphasizing in skills enhancement and therapies development. Certification of courses ranges from certificate, diploma
to master degree will be issued or jointly issued by various collaborating local and foreign universities.

8 Bureau: Digital Marketing Service
Head: Tan Yuen Joo
Asst: Matt Khor Chao Wu

One stop Digital Marketing Service in Facebook, Instagram, Google, wechat and websites.

9 Bureau: E-Commerce
Head: Tan Teong Khim
Asst: Agnes Tai

E-commerce education (FB Marketing, Google Marketing, Marketplace Marketing, Direct Marketing) marketing service, shipping, fulfilment and system support.

10 Bureau: Electronic & Robotic
Head: DS Dr Johnny SC Chai
Asst: Joyslyn Ng

The Job entails researching existing Electronic & Robotic equipment, processes specifications, assembling components, writing computer software and applying existing code, Ai,
communication and Testing & debugging. The course promotes Electronic & Robotic Automation which enhance flexible automation initiative in Today’s Age.

11 Bureau: Entrepreneurship &
Head: Simon Teow
Asst: Patricia Hew Oi Choo

We are focus on Entrepreneurship innovation and skills, where one will be able to excel better in managing their businesses with various methods according to current market demand and trends. As for hospitality courses, we will cover customer care,comfort,safety and human empathy(EQ) training methods.

12 Bureau: Arts
Head: Dato KL Chan
Asst: Wilson Chan Wai Wah

13 Bureau: Chinese Martial Arts
Head: Chee Boon Ching
Asst: Calvin Lee

14 Bureau: Broadcasts
Head: Azam Hamza

15 Bureau: Holistic Wellness &
Social Care
Head: Lyn Ho
Asst: David Liew

We train candidates to be professionals in community service and social work, ranges from elderly care, disabled care, children care, school counselling and family counselling service support. We
implement concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in company and organization structure and collaborate closely with different strategic partners and social welfare.

16 Bureau: Image & Etiquette
Head: Elaine Kwan
Asst: Sumali Wee

We have classes and courses on : Train-the-Trainer Personal branding Children and youth Corporate Branding

17 Bureau: Corporate Branding &
Head: Luke Saw Eng Loke
Asst: Chan Hing Yin

We specified in Brand Development, Brand Management, Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy and Brand Marketing Knowledge. Students will learn to implement tactical strategies to stimulate brand awareness, revenue and loyalty. We cultivate successful entrepreneurs in franchise, expert market, pre-IPO and many more to consolidate Malaysia brands in international market.

18 Bureau: Diet and Nutrition
Head: Renee Lai May Lian
Asst: Ng Jean Yee

We provide Diet and Nutrition course with the most crucial healthcare knowledge. Student will be trained to aid themselves and their family to react to certain health issues. Allowing more people to regain good health and prevent illness

19 Bureau: IT Skills for Senior Citizen
Head: Koo Lee Ha
Asst: Choo Kwong Yew

Green Net Training Academy provides computer and smart phone courses for middle and old age folks. These IT skills are useful and very much needed as to help the seniors to confront with rapidly
grow of IT. Learning new skills and knowledge keep them occupied, mission oriented, hence, enhance the value of their elderly life.

20 Bureau: Job Placement
Head of Bureau: Evelyn Chin
Asst of Bureau: Nurain Bt Aris

EC Global Academy has close relationship with the hospitality industry and university partners and we are able to brief graduating students and provide them with information on what to expect in
the future career life. Through EC Global Career Development, students will be able to
find information on:
*Internship Placements
*Job Placements EC Global also offers
*Career counselling and advice
*Job matching services
*Internship Briefing
*Career Enhancement Workshops (CV/Resume Writing, Handling Interviews, Personal Grooming etc)

21 Bureau: Breavement Care
Head: Tan Choo Yeow
Asst: Ngo Le Phoi

Life Planning
Hospice Care
Funeral & Burial Management

22 Bureau: Performing Arts
Head: Tan Geok Ying
Asst: Jerome Tan

Talent performance in both on stage and off stage which includes dance, music, opera, theatre and musical theatre, magic, illusion, mime, public speaking, puppetry, circus arts, performance art. There is also a specialized form of fine art, in which the artists perform their work live to an audience. This is called performance art.

23 Bureau: Apps Development and
Head: Elisha Lee
Asst: Cayvin

Application developers code, test, debug, monitor and document changes in applications. Developers are skilled at working inside the development environments of one or more OSes. App developers can implement application programming interfaces (APIs) to support multi device functionality. Application developers know the terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding applications.

24 Bureau: Landbase Adventure &
Nature Guide
Head: Emily Yeong
Asst: Tan Kok Hao

Landbased adventure and nature guide covers physical education and fitness training, principles and practices in outdoor adventure, preparation of outdoor equipment and facilities, outdoor activities coaching, survival skills, risk management, landbased entrepreneurship, leadership training and outdoor on-job training. We also train competent tour guide to be awarded with Malaysia’s recognition.

25 Bureau: Graphic & Animation
Head: Law Pei Bei
Asst: Ricco Lim Chin Kok

Providing professional courses and seminars in graphic and animation design emphasizing in skills enhancement and tech development. Certification of courses ranges from Certificate, Diploma to Master degree will be issued or jointly issued by various collaborating local and foreign universities.

26 Bureau: Brain Training
Head: Dato’ Sri Dr David Ting
Asst: Angeline Lau

The Power Brain Training is based scientifically on neuroplaticity to improve memory, concentration,attention, relaxation, focus and confidence.
-Healthy Brain
-Healthy Body
-Pure Heart
Formerly known as Midbrain Activation and Blindfold Reading Method. We do pineal gland and third eye activation to achieve HSP/ESP.

27 Bureau: Education Exchange Program
Head of Bureau: Bryan Kwan
Asst of Bureau:

We foster International and Domestic students, general public in our Educations Tour & Entrepreneurship Exchange Program.

28 Bureau: Pharmacy
Head of Bureau: Christopher Tan
Asst of Bureau: Adam Asadi

Work in hand with Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia as Preseptor/Mentor to provide a year housementship for preregistered pharmacist on all soft skilled training in community pharmacy service.

29 Bureau: TCM Qi Gong
Head: Dr Tee Chew
Asst: Wang Yan Ling

This is an Zhineng Qi Gong Training College that provides Qigong training for self well being as main objective and also helps sick people to get well thru practising qi gong

30 Bureau: PR and Events Management
Head: Cheryl Yang
Asst: Yuki Teo

EC Global Academy’s Professional Diploma in PR and Events Management programme provides students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the ever-expanding communication
industries understanding of public relations techniques and principles. At EC Global Academy, students have the opportunity to gain exposure in different industries. The programme offers exciting theoretical and hands-on experience in managing communication with internal and external stakeholders. A number of field trips are especially designed to support student learning experiences. Upon completion of the programme students will have 100% job assistance into the related fields.

31 Bureau: Automotive
Head: Dr Jothilingam
Asst: Ms Maha

-Consultancy in Further Education
-Leadership Training Program
-Motivational Program
-Educational Training
-Other Training Services

32 Bureau: Embedded A.I Tech Design & Electronic Tech Invention
Head: Chiang Jiann Kee

-Embedded Hardware Tech System Design
-Software Tech System Design
-Electronics Tech Invention & Innovation
-Electrical Tech System Design
-IOT & Industry 4.0 System
-Mechatronic & Mechanical System

33 Bureau: Caregiver Industry
Head: Tan Yunn Jin
Asst: Dr Ng Cheong Peng

Caregiver means to take care people, the age ranges from infant to elderly people. Caregiver can be assistant of nurse who work household work and take care patient.

34 Bureau: Destiny Science, Zi wei Dou Shu
Head: Leong Kit Foon
Asst: Mr Ng

Research Studies,Teaching, Consultancy ,Conduct Events In Ancients Metaphysics Of Zi Wei Dou
Shu And Destiny Science Of Ziwei Feng Shui

35 Bureau: New Media
Head: Cleo Hoo Chong Long
Asst: Yonnie Yap Cok Chyi

-New Media,
-Live Marketing

36 Bureau: Close Protection Officer, Enforcement And Shooting Course
Head: Mohd Nazri Bin Ahmad
Asst: Md Sofan Zainal Abiditn

Close Protection officer SOP, Formation, Outlook and strategies. Also Law and its usages according to
Malaysian Laws. Movement on foot and movement whilst in principal vehicle and mode of transport.
Enforcement SOP according to Malaysian Laws. (Shooting course will be conducted on a case to case basis, accordingly) also subject to Malaysian Laws

37 Bureau: Motor Sensory & Mental Training Program
Head: Datin Sri Angeline Lau Sui Sing

Teaching both indoor and outdoor lessons, hands-on practical approach by connecting to nature. Healthy, natural organic farming, poultry, and animal rearing to prepare individuals to pursue
a healthy lifestyle. Emphasize: 1. Physical, 2. Emotional, 3. Intellectual, 4. Spiritual. We aim to
nurture balanced mindset full of faith, hope and love which leads to Happy, Relax and Positive outlook.

38 Bureau: Language Centre
Head: Joyslyn Ng
Asst: DS Dr Johnny Chai

1.The Academy or institution provides comprehensive and Intensive language Training that cater to people of all ages and nationalities who want to improve their language skills.
2.It’s a platform for internal and International Students recruitment
3.Develop global Leadership skills through cross-cultural communication

39 Bureau: Finance & Investment
Head: Dave Chong
Asst: Yee Ho Yong

Capital Market, Equities, Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Bond, Financial Tools

40 Bureau: Yoga and Ayurveda
Head: Lai Mei Wan
Asst: Mohana Vellayan

Yoga and Ayurveda are ancient sciences which emphasise on natural well-being through the understanding of the mind and the bodyworks. Both Yoga and Ayurveda continues to be an important
element in everyone’s day to day lives and can be adopted by people of all ages.

41 Bureau: International Business and Integrative Medicine Wellness Business
Head Bureau: Dato Fong Kok Onn
Asst Bureau: Dr Michelle Ng Ley Ching

We are an international business and integrative medicine wellness platform where the eastern modalities TCSM & T&CM is integrated with the western modalities like homeopathy, nutrition
and cell therapy in promoting healing and healthy lifestyle. In addition, we consult and offer services in Wellness tourism, health and life management, wellness devices treatment, educations
and personal development etc.

42 Bureau: Residential Culture
Head: Yong Wai Loon (Dylan)

Provide Feng Shui Consulting Services for residential and commercial property, consultation includes an assessment of the quality of Feng Shui of the property and where necessary includes recommendation for the client to enhance wealth and career luck and balance the Feng Shui of the property.

43 Bureau: Tarot Card Reading
Head: Alice Toh Yoke Sun
Asst: Chiong Kam Long

Tarot Card are one of many forms of divination. Tarot reading is taromancy (divination through the use of tarot cards) or cartomancy (divination through cards in general)

44 Bureau: Folklore Studies
Head: James Lai
Asst: Wan Yin Hui

The study of folklore and folklife involves the examination and analysis of traditional expressive culture in all its forms, including verbal, geography, religion and customary. In every society and community, agricultural and industrial, rural and urban, folklore is a vital part of life.

45 Bureau: Malay Martial Arts
Head: Aziman Faizi Hj Kurdus
Asst: Zainal Bin Ahmad

Martial Arts of Well known and proven and currently in sed and taught in all Countries in the Modern World. Largely based on Tae-Kwan-Do, Jujitsu, Shudokan, Close Quarter Battle unarmed And Armed. Skills and techniques of all MARTIAL ARTS. Discipline and Good Values principal in Martial Arts. Also specialised in traditional malay silat (combat and art)

46 Bureau: Culinary Art
Head: Chin Wei Choong
Asst: Chan Soon Weng

This is an academy (Ambitious Academy) of skills base and hospitality with skill base Diploma &
Undergraduate Diploma award body of local and international, among our program, it included the
western/Chinese cuisines & patisserie, which professional in culinary field, we have 2 institute which located Johor Bahru & Seremban.

47 Bureau: Capitalism & Fundraising
Consultancy & Training
Head: Sunny

48 Bureau: Urban Agriculture
Head: Wai Kai Feng
Asst: Kerk Yuh Si

Urban agriculture promoting for sustainable communities, where growers, “foodies,” and “locavores”
form social networks founded on a shared ethos of nature and community holism. Practicer can integrate the concept of urban agriculture with homestay facility into local town planning as a “transition town” movement for sustainable urban development including implementing aquaponics system, organic poultry, vegetables and fruit trees farming.

49 Bureau: Farm Food and Mixology
Head: Kerk Yuh Leei
Asst: Kenji Saw

Farm food and promotes serving food and fresh beverages from aquaponics farm, organic and chemical free farm at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition
from the producer. Knowing how to manage and maintain food safety, food freshness, food seasonality, in a selfsustainable farm economics. Mixology enhance the whole experience by
adding the art element into the course delivering the work of crafted drinks.

50 Bureau: Supply Chain Logistic Management
Head: Sam Selvaraj

Supply Chain Management is a way to link major business processes which include logistics, materials handling, procurement, contracts, warehouse, distribution, production planning,
inventory management, supply chain holds, e-commerce etc.

51 Bureau: Public Relation
Head: Thomson Teoh
Asst: Quah Bee Ling

Function to managing communication and builds mutually beneficial relationship between organization and public. Help build trust and credibility with public and/or group among the
organization committee. Create awareness, maintain and provide advice concerning organization policies and distribute message to those inside and outside of the organization as well
as give opportunity. Protect the organization reputation and enhance its prestige.

52 Bureau: Alternative Veneer
Head: Adrian Goh Poh Seng
Asst: Benjamin Wong

Germany veneer is a new technology for beautify the teeth using ceramic plaster or teeth capping to maintain and protected the old teeth. Creating new outlook for customer. Trending in the market.
No injection, no medicine and no pain.

53 Bureau: O2O Business Digitalised
Head: Minos Loh Yung Keng

Johor Bureau
O2O Business Digitalised

  • 20 years ago, Entrepreneurs have to be Computerized Business Transformation.
  • 20 years today, Entrepreneurs have to be Digitalised Business Transformation.
    Become a qualified O2O businesses digitalised transformation specialist with our professional course today.
  • O2O Business Digitalised Transformation provides the very best in accredited Digitalised
    Businesses Transformation courses, meaning your qualification is recognised throughout the world and is one of the world’s leading Digitalising course.
  • We give you the practical workshop skills and system that you need to consult and build on the latest business digital technologies through our specialist Professional Course.

54 Bureau: Hypnotheraphy &
Head: Rosalind Lui

Application of hypnotheraphy & psychology in all aspects of life, training, counselling, consulting

55 Bureau: Dermatoglyphics
Head: Loi Sui San

Promote application of dermatoglyphics psychology in understanding brain function and innate talents, thereby improve everyone’s life and achieve excellence.

56 Bureau: Business Capital Finance Digitise–One Belt One Road Platform
Head: Yiap Soon Keong

Improve automotive eco system, workshop, training, supply chain, technology and road safety.

57 Bureau: Herbalogy
Head: Vincent Teh Yen Kuan

I have 25 years experience in TCM, and expert in using herbs medicine for treatment and also 25000 case study. I had a confident to use the herbal medicine.

58 Bureau: Iridology
Head: Dato Dr Alan Kok Kim Hing

Iridology is the skill used by the western for dianag, the weakest organ. From the iris future is more simple and easy for treatment and more focusing for the iris syndrome we can know that blood circulation digestion system immune system nerve system urinary system condition, malfunction or blockage or toxic substances depose.

59 Bureau: Woman care
Head: Berenice Wong

Ensure woman are well-taken care from inside out, especially breast feeding mommy and married ladies, emphasize on breast care an lactation methods as well as solutions create awareness to women for their own self care and self love.

60 Bureau: Leadership &strategy
Head: Tanson Tan

  • To enhance and improve the quality
    of leadership.
  • To set up the effective strategy for
    their organization.
  • To make the right decisions quickly
    and efficiently.
  • To build a team unity and
  • To build & create a win-win business

61 Bureau: Bone Setting Beauty
Head: Yeap Chin Beng

Is used for bare-handed skills to adjust human bone to its original position to
achieve beauty & healthy result from head to toe

62 Bureau: Hair Salon and Advanced
Hair Stylist Technology
Head: Tommy Leong Bon Choy
Johor Bureau

Hair Salon Management and Hair Academy Training Hair management,
hair cutting, perming, colouring, theory and practical.

63 Bureau: Professional Skin & Body
Head: Jojo Tham Wai Fun
Johor Bureau

We provide training to the global market, especially all of ASIA. We recognized qualification to give the best foundation to your career in the beauty skin & wellness spa industry.

64 Bureau: Professional Wedding
Bridal Photo Videography & Makeover
Head: Leno Ooi Wei Leong
Johor Bureau

Pre-wedding Shooting, Wedding Day Shooting, Commercial Shooting, Baby Shooting, Anniversary Shooting, Event Shooting, Family Shooting, Portrait Shooting, Image Shooting, Product Shooting, Landscape Shooting Architectural Shooting, Fashion Shooting, Landscape Shooting, Architectural Shooting, Fashion Shooting, Video Production, Bridal Make Over, Fashion Makeover

65 Bureau: Numerology, Human
Behavioural & The Science of
Head: Thomas Chiam
Asst: Sandy Chang
Johor Bureau

Professional Numerology Certified Trainings – Accredited Numerology Consultant and LifeCoach Training Program, accredited by AINA- The Association Internationale De Numerologues Asia

66 Bureau: Eyebrow Embroidery
Head: Doreen Loh Pei Fen

To provide confidence and self branding with specialists in eyebrow embroidery.

67 Bureau: Wealthy & Property
Planner Development
Head: Jeff Lee Kwang Siang
Johor Bureau

Armored the financial planner and properties provider to serve and assist the public with better and higher qualification

68 Bureau: Education Fair
Head: Lee Joe Yee
Johor Bureau

-To share academy and college to all
secondary schools
-To publish skill base academy to all
secondary schools
-To host education fair in all secondary
-Knowledge engage young active citizen
share knowledge through seminar.

69 Bureau: Cold Process Handmade
Head: Lee Lei Choon
Johor Bureau

Merge traditional & modern skill training to ensure the handmade soap culture is lasting.

70 Bureau: Modern Hair Stylist
Head: Er Han Ping
Johor Bureau

Provide Asia latest knowledge and skills to enhance the hairdressing industry.

71 Bureau: Professional Blockchain
Head: Andy Ho Kah Leong
Johor Bureau

Become a qualified blockchain businesses transformation specialist with our professional course today. Professional Blockchain International provides the very best in accredited Blockchain Businesses Transformation courses, meaning your qualification is recognised throughout the world.
Professional Blockchain International Course is one of the world’s leading Blockchain course.We give you the skills you need to consult on the latest BlockChain technologies through our specialist Professional Course.

72 Bureau: Baking Academy Supply
Bakery Raw Materials &
Head: Alan Ling Teck Woo
Johor Bureau

Bake cake dessert, cake decoration, bake biscuits and decorations, assorted French bread dessert.

73 Bureau: Teenager Development
& Coaching
Head: Jaya Perumal

74 Bureau: PICO Laser Technology
and Cosmetology
Head: Christine Loo
Asst: Sherisse Chee

Our syllabus main on PICO LASER technology learning. We use Modern Beauty Aesthetic with Medical Technology. We train beautician from basic to become Entrepreneur. Besides we also include training and seminar as below:

  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Image and Beauty Training
  • Modes of Thinking
  • Financial Management
  • Business Modal Training
  • Laser Technology

75 Bureau: Property Estate Agency
and Property Management
Head: Kee Wah Soong
Asst:Chong Poh Leng, Nurul
Fatihah and Sandra

Real Estate Agency and other related Businesses and Property Management Entrepreneurship.

76 Bureau: Music
Head: Lim Ming Liang
Asst: Gan Chong Khai

Committed to enhance and verify the qualifications for all sort of music and also promote culture of learning music among Malaysian

77 Bureau: Life Saving and Water
Head: Kelvin Ser Hwa Yong

Training on Lifeguard skill and Swim Teacher skill in Life Saving and Water Safety DBA lesson. (DBA Mean During Before After)

78 Bureau: Aquatic
Head: Raymond Ho

79 Bureau: Professional aesthetic
skill trainer
Head: Joyce Tung

We focus in International students, Domestic students and the General Public in our Education Tour &
Entrepreneurship Exchange Program in countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Aside from this, we also provide beauty aesthetic management & eyebrow tattooing skills training to beautician and non-beautician. We have a range of certification courses, from diploma to master degree that are issued by our collaboration with both local and foreign universities.

80 Bureau: Swimming
Head: Richmond Ho

Swimming lesson, Swim teacher, life saving, triathlon swimathon, swimming examinations.

81 Bureau: WordPress Developer
Head: Dato’ Abdul Aziz Abdullah

Most widely used web development software utilised for corporate, e-commerce and various type of websites.

82 Bureau: Sensory Integration
Head: Eddie Law
Asst: Wing Ng

We are certified ICEI SID practitioner, by apply sensory integration practice to strengthen an individual sense of touch, vestibular and proprioceptive for brain cognitive disorder prevention and improvement.

83 Bureau: Indian Traditional
Head: A Krishna Moorthy
Asst:Dr Packia Bai

Ayurveda Siddha unani and varmam & yoga called as Indian Medicine under Malaysian Traditional complementary council.

84 Bureau: Divination &
Head: Sarah May Low
Asst: Christopher Low

This bureau advocates education in the field of Divinatory tools utilization in an attempt to delve into the human psyche and gather insights into past, present and future events for positive self-development.

85 Bureau: Memory Improvement
Training & Effective Learning
Head: Wong Wan Jiun
Asst: Yeap Shiau Fen

Provide brain development training that able to boost your memory. There are various tested scientific techniques that able to help and improve your memory. It also improves the human ability to recall and retrieve information that you have seen, you have learnt easily from your brain. We are the expert of the popular effective learning tools e.g. memory training, speed reading, mind map and other effective learning methods that able to improve your memory, creativity, concentration, problem solving skills etc. which apply in your daily life, academic, personal development and even your career.

86 Bureau: Scuba Diving
Head: Alex Chua
Asst: Kenneth Koh

Underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba), which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. Closed circuit or semi-closed circuit rebreather scuba systems allow recycling of exhaled gases.

87 Bureau: Semi Permanent Make
Head: Chong Shei Ling
Asst: Chong Pay Lih

Semi-Permanent Make Up Include:

  • Semi-Permanent Eyebrow
  • Semi-Permanent Lip Embroidery
  • Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Line
  • Eyelash Keratin Perm
  • Eyelash Extension

88 Bureau: Business Administration
in Swimming Industry
Head: Joanne Yam Zi Wei
Asst: Kenny Yam

Handle Administration work, Attendance system, fee system, HR and other Administration work

89 Bureau: Neurofeedback &
Psychology Counselling
Head: Lim Woey Li (Rachel)

We provide mental health services to all. Neurofeedback is focus on mind health and Psychology Counselling is the overall holistic psychology counselling for mental health.

90 Bureau: Chiropractic, Bone
Alignment and Tit Tar
Head: Aaron Lum Yeu Zen
Asst: Loh Cayee

Bone alignment and soft tissue therapy.

91 Bureau: Interior Design
Head: Wong Wai Mun
Asst: Christine

Training provider for interior design and computer software training program.

92 Bureau: Security
Head: Thasrathan Jegatheson

Security training, certification, placement and recruitment.

93 Bureau: Mental Health and
Behavioral Studies, Counselling
and Coaching
Head: Dr Lavanya Pillai

This bureau is all about human mental health, that includes behavioral aspects, mindset and attitude overall. Incorporating coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and meditation.

94 Bureau: Corporate Recruitment
Head: Nixon Yap

Identifying future hiring needs, conducting interviews, reviewing resumes.

95 Bureau: Media and KOL
Branding and Education
Head: Saw Han Wen (Jerah)
Asst: Jennifer Chee

Provides one-stop stand education in media and YouTube tutorials. Channel and Media branding.

96 Bureau: Malaysia Tuition
Head: Wong Yee Long
Asst: Lee Chew Mooi

Conduct Seminar to all Educator, include Private and Public Educator.

97 Bureau: Oriental Herbal Skincare
Development and Skin Laser
Head: Lam Gai Ying, Ginnie
Asst: Sharon Sum

We enhance the skills of beautician to a higher level of professional in Skin Laser and Korean Herbal Therapy. To improve the knowledge from Natural Herbal Skincare Ingredients to Heal Inflammatory Skin issues and troubles. We also provide and guide the beautician on how to set up their own Therapy treatments with Natural Herbal Ingredients combination into Skin Detox Therapy, Anti-aging Therapy, Face Slimming Therapy, Face Lifting Therapy, Depigmentation Skin Laser and Skin Resurfacing Skin Laser promptly to solve all problems of skin e.g. Eczema, Atopy, Skin Allergy by sing wrong skincare, Skin sensitive, Acne and Acne Scars, Pimples, Freckles, Melisma and Moles

98 Bureau: Needle-free Aesthetic
Head: Ng Eng Eng
Asst: Angle Wong

To promote needle free aesthetic in Malaysia.

99 Bureau: Dance
Head: Chung Wing Yin Ivy
Asst: Cathy Luk

We serve as a free consultant to many federal, arts education organizations, local school districts, and institutions in Dance education, colleges and universities, studios and private schools of dance, and performing arts organizations. We work with individual artists, educators and administrators charged with the broad responsibility of dance education and performance. We also promote the arts of dance by organising international competitions and festivals, outreach performances in primary and secondary schools, and selling the dance related products.

100 Bureau: Skin Care Specialist
Head: Andreen Low
Asst: Nicholas Mah

We are helping beauticians to upgrade themselves to skin care specialist. They have professional knowledge to help clients for skin solution.

101 Bureau: Digital
Head: Daniel Chua Wee Jin
Asst: Wong Shi Kai

This bureau will educate new entrepreneurs in the market how to be a professional online business owner.

102 Bureau: Disaster Rescue
Head: Simon Chin Yau Ming
Asst: Lai Yin Song

Swiftwater, extreme rapids & flood rescue specialist

103 Bureau : Professional Beauty
Knowledge Skill Micro-surgery
Head : Pang Yoke Yan ( Eeyan)

104 Bureau : Beauty Analyst
Head : Shirley Chin Sok Teng

105 Bureau : Children Leadership
and Education Development
Head : Ong Wen Weoi

106 Bureau : Trainer Development in Beauty Aesthetica
Head : Lam Chee Yong

107 Bureau : Natural Scents Of Beauty
Head : Tiong Hiong Lim

108 Bureau : Train the Trainer for Beauty Aesthetic
Head : Yoko Ng Mei Yee

109 Bureau : Trainer Development in Beauty Industry
Head : Mickey Tan Hwing Khi

Specilalizes in conducting Natural Handmade Arts including all range of cosmetic products. Skincare products also for all range of candles including handcraft of Aroma Stones

110 Bureau: Educational Training Academy and Management Consultancy

Head : Lee Eng Wah
Asst : –

Provide comprehensive range of education programmes from preschoolers until teens. We provide professional consultation services and customize management services for preschools and tuition centres operators. We are specialists in high-quality and consistent training to develop your potential.

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